Our Double Gold medal winning DIPA! Originally from the Iberian Peninsula, the Vaquero became the foundation for the American cowboy. This Double IPA represents strength, commitment, and skill. Strong yet balanced with an abundant hop flavor & aroma from Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook & Citra. “Saddle up!”


In celebration of our Fourth Anniversary and the arrival of Summer, we offer this thirst quencher. The Belgian Witbier has been a beer style that has wet the palate of sun-seekers for generations because of its pleasant malty-sweet grain flavor and a zesty, orange-citrusy fruitiness. Refreshingly crisp with a dry, somewhat tart, finish. Named for […]


When Sacramento Summer brings the heat, chill it with our Cold IPA!  This hop-forward ale has characteristics common of an IPA, but by using tropical hops and fermenting cold, we get a super soft and clean, fruit forward beer.   “Chill out” Tasting Notes: fruity/floral tropical – crisp malt sweetness – soft mouthfeel  

Three Crows

Dark in color & soft in character, this Black Lager gets its color by using a blend of specialty malts for hints of coffee & chocolate with a body of roast and earthy hop presence for balance. Using a long, cold lagering period to develop a clean, dry & smooth mouthfeel, it’s low in alcohol, […]


Ahh, the British Brown Ale is without question our favorite cold-weather beer. With its lightly roasted and caramelized malt profile perfectly balanced with noble hop characters, moderate alcohol content and a dry finish, it’s hard to not have another!  A style that was originally designed to serve the masses and it still serves that purpose […]

The Spaniard

Milestones, just as friendships, are worth pausing to recognize.  Deep and layered, this complex malt-forward ale gives us flavors of toasted grains and floral, caramelized sugars with just the right amount of noble hop spice and citrus. This beer earned a Double Gold medal in the British Strong Ale category!  

Harvest Crown

Made to celebrate fall, this German amber lager is full bodied yet wonderfully mellow. Made using Admiral Pacific Victor malt for deep, complex notes of malt with a dry finish balanced by the elegant fragrance of the German hop, Hallertau Mittelfruh, considered the highest grade Hallertau Noble hop available. This truly is “liquid bread” or […]

Pegaso Rojo

In the spirit of German beer history and collaboration, we partnered with our friends from Red Bus Brewing. Two different breweries from two different cities, just down the river from each other decided to make similar but different beer styles. Using the same yeast strain, the same base grain profile and essentially, the same hops, […]


2021 & 2023 National Grand Champion at the United States Beer Tasting Championship! A modern version of the traditional porter that we named after the dark spots on the moon. An aggressive, malty dark ale with complex flavors of dark roast & chocolate harmonized by big citrus profiles from generous additions of Simcoe and Amarillo […]


A full-bodied, garnet red IPA made to celebrate the holiday season. Named for Saint Balthazar, this gift brings generous portions of specialty malts for full flavor & a beautiful color. Then balanced by a large hop bill of CTZ, Centennial, Chinook, Mosaic & Southern Promise, a South African hop known for its spicy, botanical fruit […]

To the Nines

To The Nines Imperial IPA - Alaro Craft Brewery

Few things boost confidence like getting dressed up and looking your best. That’s the spirit behind To the Nines Imperial IPA where we combined some of our favorite IPA recipes to create this handsome ensemble. This well-dressed, beautifully aromatic IPA will stop you in your tracks. With an abv of 9%, it’s sure to be […]

Ruckus Red

Like its namesake band Red Dirt Ruckus, this Hoppin’ Red Ale is a crowd pleaser that hits from all angles.  An eclectic mix of Zappa, CTZ and Southern Passion hops lay down the funk with a solid funky bassline of maltiness from Admiral’s Feldblume malted barley.   Perfect for a day by the rocks, and […]


If you Treble it, it becomes three times greater in number or amount than it was. And that is exactly what we did with this IPA to celebrate our Three-Year Anniversary!  This full bodied, 11.7% Triple IPA is packed with enough Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Simcoe & Amarillo hops to reach the hop taste threshold and […]

Second Wind

Thanks to our friends at The Barn at Second Wind, we offer you this Double IPA using extraordinary Whole Cone Cascade hops that were hand harvested, fresh off the “bine” and cured in the brewery overnight! This ale brings un-replicable orange citrus and stone fruit aroma, balanced by an herbaceous spice flavor and the malt […]

Ballesta No.15

“Ballesta” is the Spanish word for “Crossbow”, the symbol of our Castle and our Rotating Hop Hazy IPA. Number 15 is packed with AAzacca, Simcoe, Zappa & Saaz hops for bright apricot and aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit. A soft mouthfeel is created by use of wheat, oats and perfect blend of barley to […]

Ballesta No.16

“Ballesta” is the Spanish word for “Crossbow”, the symbol of our Castle and the name of our Rotating Hop Hazy IPA. This is Number 16 and it’s packed with Alora, Azacca, Simcoe, Citra and an experimental hop HS 16660 for bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of Strawberry, Kiwi & Sweet Melon, Apricot & Yuzu […]

Rising Together Double IPA

Sacramento Beer Week is here! It runs from April 22rd – May 1st!  The Rising Together initiative was designed to help our local brewing community overcome the challenges we’ve faced in the last couple years, working to keep the scene alive in unprecedented and challenging times. The sale of this beer supports the Sacramento Area […]

Shield Maiden

Shieldmaidens were honorable women who prided themselves on both inner and outer strength. They fought for the people that they loved and this spirit lives on in any person who holds these values. To honor the Shieldmaiden spirit, we teamed up with our friends at the Pink Boots Society. Using a special hop blend formulated […]

Rising Together

Made to celebrate Sacramento Beer Week, the Rising Together initiative was designed to show camaraderie among Sacramento Breweries. The sale of this beer supports the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild. We are super excited to release our version this year which was brewed at Alaro in partnership with our longtime friend Al Griffin, AKA “Bossman” from […]

Long Nights

Winter brings short days, long nights and our Cold IPA! This special IPA is made using an ale yeast fermented slowly at cold temperatures and is made with high-quality malts for a soft mouthfeel complimented by a juicy hop bill of Citra, BRU-1 & Sultana for layers of citrus, pineapple & topical melon. The cold […]

Paved in Gold

To celebrate our Third Anniversary, we had opportunities to use special ingredients and make something truly special. Using a Bavarian barley grown in the mountains north of Venice, cultivated to promote malty-sweet aromas and notes of honey along with the house Belgian yeast strain from our friends at the Monk’s Cellar Brewery, we created another […]


A well balanced, reddish amber lager with a soft smooth maltiness, a hint of bitterness, and a clean finish.  Fun fact – this style originated in Vienna but gained huge popularity after Austrian immigrant brewers began producing it in Mexico! This flavorful refreshing lager embodies our #BeerFlavoredBeer mantra! Tasting Notes: bready aromas of toasted malt […]

Illusion of Haze

Our Hazy Pale Ale has an amazing tropical hop profile of BRU-1, Citra, and Amarillo hops that float softly on a silky-smooth malt profile of Barley, Wheat & Oats.  If you start experiencing visions of Tropical Pineapple Scones, it may just be an Illusion of Haze.   “Illusion is the first of all pleasures”  

Passion for Zappa

Being in the Brewing Industry is all about one thing, Passion. Passion for a community, for the ingredients, for our culture and for collaboration. That is why we invited our friends from Oak Park Brewing to join us in the brew house to help create something fun. Drawing from shared roots, we utilized a special […]