Potrero Cali Common

ABV : 4.3
IBU : 32
OG : 1.044

California Common is an Amber Lager indigenous to the United States. This unique, U.S. born lager is fermented at ale temperatures – A method dating back to the late 1800’s in California when refrigeration was a luxury.

Our elegant amber ale is made using a special yeast strain that creates wonderful fruity yeast esters that balance the unique malt characteristics contributed from our freshly kilned, Sacramento grown, organic malt. Finished with Northern Brewer hops for the signature woody, minty notes of a great Cali Common. “Keep it classy California”

Tasting Notes: “Steam” beer – amber lager- sharp bitterness- honey toast- malt backbone

Ingredients: Admiral Maltings Admiral Pilsner, Rahr 2 Row, Weyerman CaraMunich, Weyerman Rye, Simpsons Crystal Medium, Weyerman Carafa, German Magnum, Northern Brewer, Sterling hops WLP802 S.F. Lager Yeast