El Dorado County Commercial Beer Competition Results

First commercial beer competition of the year – 5 beers entered and 5 awards! Good way to start the year! Here is the results posted: -35 IPA Double Gold Alaro Craft Brewery Specialty IPA (21B) Balthazar33 IPA Silver Alaro Craft Brewery English IPA (12C) Castillo5 Pale Lager Bronze Alaro Craft Brewery Czech Premium Pale Lager […]


“We knew we were up against the best breweries in the country,” Ray Ballestero remembers. After he’s been making beer for 30 years, Ballestero the owner of Sacramento’s newest brewery, Alaro Craft Brewery, is basking in the fact that the brewery’s first IPA took home a gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival in […]

All-Star Lineup

NEW BREWERY-RESTAURANT GROWS FROM OLD ROOTS You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t keep track of the multiple brewery and restaurant openings in Sacramento last year. The region is simply bristling with new places opening at a record pace. To complicate the mix, in the last few years, we’ve seen openings (and closings) of several Sacramento […]

SN&R – Savory Spanish

Alaro Craft Brewery has hit the press again! This time in Sac News & Review. David Santana is Alaro Craft Brewery’s new head chef. He has spent the majority of his cooking career, seven years, in between OneSpeed and The Waterboy. When Rubicon Brewing Company, one of Sacramento’s oldest names in beer, shut down in […]

Alaro redefines Sacramento’s beer scene

Alaro Craft Brewery

Alaro Craft Brewery is arguably producing some of the best beer & food at a brewery in Sacramento, but how? Our Beer – Alaro Craft Brewery’s passion for well made, classic beer styles goes against the current trend of flavored & one-off novelty beers.  We value elegance over gimmicks and believe that great beer is […]

One Year Anniversary Recap

Alaro Craft Brewery celebrates “1 Year” with an epic Anniversary Party! Wow, what a party!  We really had no idea how many guests to expect for our first big party, but the turnout surprised us all!  We were all truly blown away with the support of so many wonderful people coming out to help us […]

Adrianna Wins Bronze

So, while basking in the glow of another Gold for our Castillo at the 2019 California State Fair Commercial Beer Competition, we received a Bronze Medal in the mail for our Adrianna from “International Beer Awards Excellence in Brewing N.A.B.A.” (2019 North American Beer Awards).

Castillo Wins Gold! | 2019 California State Fair

Alaro Craft Brewery is so honored that our flagship beer, the Castillo IPA has just earned its second major commercial beer award! At just two months in production, our Castillo IPA took its first Gold Medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival for English-Style India Pale Ale and just yesterday, won its second Gold […]

Sacramento Magazine – Sweet or Savory?

Sacramento Magazine recently reviewed a selection of some of the best desserts in Sacramento. Alaro’s head chef Jason Azevedo presented our Stout Float in fine form! If you love dessert but prefer just a hint of sweetness instead of something cloying after dinner, you’re in luck. Several local restaurants are turning out daringly inventive desserts […]

SF Eater – the 13 Hottest New Restaurants in Sacramento Right Now, Winter 2018

Most breweries might have a fine reputation for their beverages but are less stellar with their food. Not so at Alaro, where Jason Azevedo is gaining recognition for his Spanish-inspired bar menu. The regular menu features bar favorites such as burgers, fish and chips, and salads, but keep an eye out on social media for […]