What is a Saison?

Familiar with Saison? Saison’s are also known as a Farmhouse Ale and they were historically brewed in France & Belgium in the Winter to be enjoyed throughout the Spring & Summer during crop planting, maintenance, and harvest. They were made for seasonal farm workers or “Saisonniers” who tended the crops, and they were designed to be refreshing but flavorful and not too strong. They were often made using whatever barley & cereal grains were available on the farm at the time.


Our Rabbit Hole was designed and brewed with these values. Being a style that is very agrarian in nature, we decided to use locally grown, organic, sustainable Barley & Wheat from Admiral Maltings to create our Saison. The Munich-style Barley lends a rich orange color with aromas & flavors of bread crust & graham cracker and the Malted Wheat gives a drifting haze, a pillowy mouthfeel and full body. The Hop & the French Yeast Strain contribute the fruity esters of orange & lemon, spicy notes of clove & white pepper that play delightfully on the tongue.



With 5 medals under its belt, our Rabbit Hole French Saison is one our favorite Summertime Beers. It pairs perfectly with Brunch Foods, Charcuterie Boards, & savory dishes such as Roast Chicken, Duck or even Pork, especially when aromatic herbs such as thyme, sage, garlic and rosemary are used to season. But our all-time favorite Rabbit Hole pairing is Gardening! Believe us, grab a bottle, pour it aggressively into a chalice and snifter and enjoy while working on your house ‘farm”!


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