Ahh, the British Brown Ale is without question our favorite cold-weather beer. With its lightly roasted and caramelized malt profile perfectly balanced with noble hop characters, moderate alcohol content and a dry finish, it’s hard to not have another!  A style that was originally designed to serve the masses and it still serves that purpose […]

To the Nines

To The Nines Imperial IPA - Alaro Craft Brewery

With the New Year comes the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Few things boost confidence like getting dressed up and looking your best. That’s the spirit behind To the Nines Imperial IPA where we combined some of our favorite IPA recipes to create this handsome ensemble. This well-dressed, beautifully aromatic IPA will stop […]

Illusion of Haze

Our Hazy Pale Ale has an amazing tropical hop profile of BRU-1, Citra, and Amarillo hops that float softly on a silky-smooth malt profile of Barley, Wheat & Oats.  If you start experiencing visions of Tropical Pineapple Scones, it may just be an Illusion of Haze.   “Illusion is the first of all pleasures”  

Long Nights

Winter brings short days, long nights, and Cold IPA’s. This special IPA is cold fermented using a lager yeast and made with the best German-style specialty malts for a soft mouthfeel complimented by a formidable hop bill of Citra, BRU-1 & Sultana for layers of citrus, pineapple & topical melon. With a body that is […]


This easy drinking saison is small in stature but full in flavor and aroma. She was designed for the Spring as the sunshine starts beaming and the flowers start blooming. Made using Bohemian Pilsner malt, malted wheat grown in Yolo County and hopped using the wonderful Hallertau Blanc, this Petite Saison is sure to please. […]


Our American Lager is light, crisp, easy drinking and refreshing. Using traditional Pilsner Malt, Rice and Noble Hops for a touch of Old-World authenticity, we made this Prohibition inspired lager to honor our friend Jim McGinnis, and Landlord of our historical building. Jim is quietly here often and sometimes, he even buys a round for […]