Three Crows

Dark in color & soft in character, this Black Lager gets its color by using a blend of specialty malts for hints of coffee & chocolate with a body of roast and earthy hop presence for balance. Using a long, cold lagering period to develop a clean, dry & smooth mouthfeel, it’s low in alcohol, […]

The Spaniard

Milestones, just as friendships, are worth pausing to recognize.  Deep and layered, this complex malt-forward ale gives us flavors of toasted grains and floral, caramelized sugars with just the right amount of noble hop spice and citrus. This beer earned a Double Gold medal in the British Strong Ale category!  

Harvest Crown

Made to celebrate fall, this German amber lager is full bodied yet wonderfully mellow. Made using Admiral Pacific Victor malt for deep, complex notes of malt with a dry finish balanced by the elegant fragrance of the German hop, Hallertau Mittelfruh, considered the highest grade Hallertau Noble hop available. This truly is “liquid bread” or […]

Ruckus Red

Like its namesake band Red Dirt Ruckus, this Hoppin’ Red Ale is a crowd pleaser that hits from all angles.  An eclectic mix of Zappa, CTZ and Southern Passion hops lay down the funk with a solid funky bassline of maltiness from Admiral’s Feldblume malted barley.   Perfect for a day by the rocks, and […]

Second Wind

Thanks to our friends at The Barn at Second Wind, we offer you this Double IPA using extraordinary Whole Cone Cascade hops that were hand harvested, fresh off the “bine” and cured in the brewery overnight! This ale brings un-replicable orange citrus and stone fruit aroma, balanced by an herbaceous spice flavor and the malt […]

Ballesta No. 15

“Ballesta” is the Spanish word for “Crossbow”, the symbol of our Castle and our Rotating Hop Hazy IPA. Number 15 is packed with AAzacca, Simcoe, Zappa & Saaz hops for bright apricot and aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit. A soft mouthfeel is created by use of wheat, oats and perfect blend of barley to […]

Illusion of Haze

Our Hazy Pale Ale has an amazing tropical hop profile of BRU-1, Citra, and Amarillo hops that float softly on a silky-smooth malt profile of Barley, Wheat & Oats.  If you start experiencing visions of Tropical Pineapple Scones, it may just be an Illusion of Haze.   “Illusion is the first of all pleasures”  

For Goons & Glory

Our light, bright and completely crushable Golden Ale made in collaboration with the “Make Money Millionaires Hockey Club”, to celebrate the grit and passion needed to be a part of a winning team, both on and off the ice. Brewers Gold and El Dorado hops shine bright here so let’s drop mitts and grab a […]