For Goons & Glory

This beautician of a Golden Ale is no duster! Following a real beaut of a barnburner, our brewer collaborated with his Hockey Club, the Make Money Millionaires to send flavor right at your chiclets and leave you with some sweet foam dangling from the lip lettuce. Not only flashy and classy from the Brewers Gold […]


When Sacramento Summer brings the heat, chill it with our Cold IPA!  This hop-forward ale has characteristics common of an IPA, but by using tropical hops and fermenting cold, we get a super soft and clean, fruit forward beer.   “Chill out” Tasting Notes: fruity/floral tropical – crisp malt sweetness – soft mouthfeel  

The Spaniard

Milestones, just as friendships, are worth pausing to recognize.  Deep and layered, this complex malt-forward ale gives us flavors of toasted grains and floral, caramelized sugars with just the right amount of noble hop spice and citrus. This beer earned a Double Gold medal in the British Strong Ale category!  


Our Double Gold medal winning DIPA! Originally from the Iberian Peninsula, the Vaquero became the foundation for the American cowboy. This Double IPA represents strength, commitment, and skill. Strong yet balanced with an abundant hop flavor & aroma from Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook & Citra. “Saddle up!”

Second Wind

Thanks to our friends at The Barn at Second Wind, we offer you this Double IPA using extraordinary Whole Cone Cascade hops that were hand harvested, fresh off the “bine” and cured in the brewery overnight! This ale brings unreplicable orange citrus and stone-fruit aroma, balanced by an herbaceous spice flavor and a malt body […]


In celebration of our Fourth Anniversary and the arrival of Summer, we offer this thirst quencher. The Belgian Witbier has been a beer style that has wet the palate of sun-seekers for generations because of its pleasant malty-sweet grain flavor and a zesty, orange-citrusy fruitiness. Refreshingly crisp with a dry, somewhat tart, finish. Named for […]


From north of the Adriatic Sea, high in the towering Central Alps of Austria, comes a beer style and a malt variety known as Vienna. Malt flavors come first with a delicate and complex toastiness and hops that lend just enough bitterness to balance the malt. This copper-hued lager embodies our #BeerFlavoredBeer mantra while finishing […]

La Boheme

Our 4X Medal Winning Bohemian Pilsner is made using ingredients grown in the Czech Republic such as the quintessential noble hop, Saaz, a true Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast and Bohemian Pilsner Malt. This golden-blonde classic shows complex maltiness, a slight honey-like sweetness and a soft, pleasantly spicy, herbal character that defines this style. “Be careful, […]


Our American Lager is light, crisp, easy drinking and refreshing. Using traditional Pilsner Malt, Rice and Nobel Hops for a touch of Old-World authenticity, we made this Prohibition inspired lager to honor our friend Jim McGinnis, and Landlord of our historical building. Jim is quietly here often and sometimes, he even buys a round for […]