La Luna on Nitro

Alaro Brewing - La Luna Stout

This irresistible dark beauty is silky-smooth, soft & luscious. The layering of three different types of oats create a velvety texture and the dark malts evoke notes of roasted coffee and bitter chocolate. Served on nitrogen to highlight it’s softness. “The moon is always a trusted companion”

Three Crows

Alaro Brewing - 3 Crows Black Lager

In honor of our 6-year anniversary, we’re thrilled to unveil this limited release, small batch version of our Three Crows Black Lager. At Alaro Craft Brewery, we honor tradition and prioritize elegance over gimmicks. We believe great beer is born from skillful design, talented execution, and an unwavering commitment to the finest ingredients. That’s why […]


Alaro Brewing - Armada Brown

Ahh, the British Brown Ale is without question, one of our favorite seasonal session beers. With its lightly roasted malt profile with hints of hazelnuts, toffee and a perfectly balanced floral hop character, you’ll be quickly asking for another pint! A style that was originally designed to serve the masses and it still serves that […]


Alaro Brewing - Avenida IPA

Our Double Gold Medal winning American IPA! A heavy hopped golden IPA shows mild bitterness and finishes clean and refreshingly dry. Using lots of El Dorado, Mosaic & Centennial hops for dry hopping and late hop additions, we extract the tropical fruit and citrus flavors from the hops while limiting the bitterness. “Flavors so bright, […]

Ballesta No.17

Alaro Brewing - Ballesta

“Ballesta” is the Spanish word for “Crossbow”, the symbol of our Castle and the name of our Rotating Hop Hazy IPA. This is Number 17 and it’s our 6 Year Anniversary Special Edition!  Made with 100% Sacramento grown Admiral Malt for a rich, soft & silky texture and packed with Citra, Galaxy, Azacca, Simcoe & […]


Alaro Brewing - Castillo IPA

Our 12X Medal Winning English IPA including 5 Gold Medals for the 2021 NABA International Beer Awards, 2021 & 2019 California Craft Brewers Cup, 2019 California State Fair & 2018 Great American Beer Festival. A classic IPA showcasing the nuances and balance that put the IPA on the map. Made using the perfect combination of […]

Sacred Ally

Alaro Brewing - Sacred Ally

Hops, the sacred flower behind any delicious IPA. Showing strength, authority and rulership, our Sacred Ally is a Double IPA worthy of Hop worship.  Using Belma, Comet, & Sultana hops packed with aromas of berries and sweet fruit, this reverent IPA boasts a tropical punch of pineapple, black currant & apricot flavors.  A DIPA worthy […]

Rabbit Hole

Alaro Brewing - Rabbit Hole

Our 4X Medal winning golden farmhouse ale made using a rare French Saison yeast and Admiral Maltings locally grown Munich-style malted barley. With a drifting haze and moderate effervescence, the fruity esters of orange & lemon, spicy notes of clove & white pepper and aromas of graham cracker & honey play delightfully on the tongue. […]

Clipper’s Cargo

Alaro Brewing - Clippers Cargo

Fresh from the shores of New Zealand, their internationally renowned hop varieties graces us with their unmistakable tropical fruitiness. This Pale Ale carries a smaller payload than its IPA counterpart yet still delivers on the promise of hop flavor and aroma. Loaded with a heavy blend of all New Zealand hops – Galaxy, Wakatu, Wait-iti and […]


Alaro Brewing - Bennett Pale Ale

Our 7X Medal Winning American Pale Ale that we define as a “Sacramento Pale Ale”. Made in the heart of Sacramento using a Sacramento grown, sustainable heritage Barley that was Craft Floor Malted from our friends at Admiral Maltings and generously hopped with Azacca & Simcoe hops for tropical notes of mango, papaya & citrus.  […]

For Goons & Glory

Alaro Brewing - For Goons & Glory Golden Ale

Our light, bright and completely crushable Golden Ale made in collaboration with the “Make Money Millionaires Hockey Club”, to celebrate the grit and passion needed to be a part of a winning team, both on and off the ice. Brewers Gold and El Dorado hops shine bright here so let’s drop mitts and grab a […]

La Boheme

Alaro Brewing - La Boheme Pilsner

Our 6X Medal Winning Bohemian Pilsner is made using ingredients grown in the Czech Republic such as the quintessential noble hop, Saaz, a true Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast and Bohemian Pilsner Malt. This golden-blonde classic shows complex maltiness, a slight honey-like sweetness and a soft, pleasantly spicy, herbal character that defines this style. “Be careful, […]


Alaro Brewing - Landlords Lager

2023 US Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner! Our light, crisp, American Lager is brewed using traditional Pilsner Malt, Rice and Noble Hops for a touch of Old-World authenticity, this Prohibition inspired lager honors our friend Jim McGinnis, Landlord of this historical building. Jim is quietly here often and sometimes, he even buys a round […]

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