Paella at Alaro Brewing

Savory Spanish

Originally Published: 8-22-19
| Sac News & Review

Alaro Craft Brewery has hit the press again! This time in Sac News & Review.

David Santana is Alaro Craft Brewery’s new head chef. He has spent the majority of his cooking career, seven years, in between OneSpeed and The Waterboy. When Rubicon Brewing Company, one of Sacramento’s oldest names in beer, shut down in 2017, Alaro moved into the space to cater to hop-thirsty patrons, with Chris Keeton as the head brewer.

The dark wood tables, cobalt glasses and beautiful decorative plates make the large space feel intimate. The Spanish-inspired menu is expansive, offering tapas and bites—I’m not sure what the difference is between the two—large plates and a soft serve bar. The Papas Bravas ($8) are a staple of most tapas menus, a reliable (if not entirely unexciting) plate of chunky potato pieces covered in spicy tomato sauce and fancy mayonnaise. The Elotes ($8) come with the corn kernels removed from the cob, mixed with green chile butter and finished with a whopping dollop of basil mayo. (Why aren’t we putting basil mayo on everything?) Gambas al Ajillo ($15) appear as supple pink spot prawns with their heads still attached—the way to eat all prawns, their antennae cascading outside of their serving vessel, spiked with a splash of vinegar.

Story | Photo Credit: Illyanna Maisonet
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