Alaro Brewing 1 Year anniversary party in Sacramento

One Year Anniversary Recap

Alaro Craft Brewery celebrates “1 Year” with an epic Anniversary Party!

Wow, what a party!  We really had no idea how many guests to expect for our first big party, but the turnout surprised us all!  We were all truly blown away with the support of so many wonderful people coming out to help us celebrate.  

A great party is not made by the people who throw them, a great party is made by the people who attend them. – Ray Ballestero

We saw tons of familiar faces- many of our favorite customers who now have become friends.  Many of our close friends and family jumping in to volunteer wherever needed. Our vendors, partners, contractors, and industry folk all here in support!  All in all, we saw well over 500 happy faces over the course of the evening! We celebrated with live music, Spanish street food, tons of fresh beer, cider and wine and alley games.  We saw lots of laughter, dancing and happy people everywhere!

Our biggest and most sincere “thank you’” to all of you who attended and to those who helped to make this happen, and the list is long!

Thanks to the three awesome local bands, Noize, #Sharp# & Wet Brain Riders for keeping us dancing and to the talented DJ Rock Bottom for making sure we had no holes in our music venue! 

Thank you to Head Brewer, Chris Keeton & Brewery Assistant, Matt Soule for keeping the beer flowing! It was hard to miss them rolling out fresh kegs on a regular schedule!  Thank you to Chef, David Santana who sacrificed his poor hands grilling up over 200 pounds of Pinchitos over wood fire for over 5 hrs! It seemed as though the food line never ended!

Key volunteers- Thank you Karen Rae Hamilton for pouring wine and to Stacy Walthers for pouring beer- lots of beer! Thank you to Diego Mahakian for pouring Cider, Brandy Palen & Tim Wong for selling tickets, and Shane Ballestero & Connor Ballestero for being everywhere needed.

Thank you to our Management team – to General Manager, Nick Miller and Supervisors, Cassidy Wages & Nichi Car Roberts for all the planning and execution.  

Thank you to our community – Explore Midtown Sacramento for all the logistics, Xoso Sport & Social League for the super fun alley games, and to the Federalist Public House & Beer Garden for partnering with us. Thank you, Nick from Two Rivers Cider for all the Cider support! Thank you to our friends and neighbors RE/MAX Gold MIDTOWN for sharing space.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to the entire Alaro team for all the prep and for maintaining and running a very busy restaurant at the same time as an epic alley party! 

Maybe we should do this again?

Alaro HappyHour Menu 2020