Three Fields Rice Grisette

ABV : 4.8
IBU : 48
OG : 1.042

Our seasonal Grisette was brewed specially for the Lord of Rice competition and showcases the beautiful characters & floral aromas of three different types of rice – Puffed Jasmine Rice, Toasted Rice and a locally grown Calrose Rice.  Light, refreshing & low in alcohol, this “Saison-like” beer has a bit more emphasis on the quality of hops than most farmhouse styles would. Showing delicate floral aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle & subtle flavors of coconut & pineapple from the balance of yeast esters, hops & rice. 

“Rice, thrice, is nice”

Tasting Notes:  Fruity ester aroma – Tropical Coconut & Pineapple – low abv – Floral & Spice

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