Adrianna Dark Mexican Lager

ABV : 5.3
IBU : 27
OG : 1.050

Although the Vienna Lager was Austrian born it would be Mexico to keep this style alive.  Malt flavors come first with a delicate and complex toastiness and hops lend just enough bitterness to balance the malt.  This clean lager finishes dry and crisp and yes, we can add a lime wedge if that’s your jam.

Tasting Notes: bready aromas of toasted malt – low hop bitterness – slight lager minerality

MALT: Weyerman Bohemian Pilsner, Weyerman Vienna, Weyerman Munich Type II, Weyerman Caramunich Type I, Simpsons Chocolate HOPS: Magnum, US Tettnang YEAST: House Lager Strain

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